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Our Services
  • Bills of Costs.
  • Points of Dispute.
  • Replies.
  • Part 47.19 Advice.
  • Detailed Assessments.
  • Negotiation of Claimant's Costs.
  • Negotiation of Third-Party's Costs.
  • Issue of Part 8 proceedings.
  • Applications for Interim Payments.
  • Statement of Costs.
  • Forensic analysis of costs
  • Claim 1/1A and HCCP.
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Welcome to the new Phoenix website!

We are currently in the process of reworking our website in order to both modernise and improve the way we present our services to you. This will mean some duplication of data on a number of pages - but for a short time only!.

We are sure that by the time we are finished you will agree that our site is more modern, sleeker, faster and easier to navigate, together with exciting new features such as our blog, newsletter and direct access to Twitter and LinkedIn. In the meantime you can still expect the same quality of service and standard of professionalism that Phoenix is proud of - so please, go ahead and browse!